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La-Z-Boy Incorporated, which has its international headquarters in Monroe, Michigan, USA, has a strong history for producing comfortable and quality products and is a brand that is known throughout the globe.

The furniture company that would later be known as La-Z-Boy was founded in 1927 by American cousins, Edward M Knabusch and Edwin J Shoemaker, who invented the first recliner in 1928. A comfortable concept, the folding wood-slat porch chair followed the contour of a person's body, both sitting and leaning back. Using orange crates to mock-up and refine their idea, the partners invented the reclining mechanism that would sweep the world off its feet.

The chairs were an instant hit - but needed a name. Combining promotion with necessity, the partners held a contest and turned down suggestions including Sit-n-Snooze, Slack-Back and Comfort Carrier before choosing La-Z-Boy as the clear winner.

Over the subsequent decades, La-Z-Boy's product line has grown to include a myriad of pieces and styles, making it the world's best-selling recliner.

La-Z-Boy continues to innovate, building on a unique heritage that has pioneered new developments in the furniture industry.

La-Z-Boy’s handle recline mechanism allows a unique relaxation experience. The backrest and footrest work totally independently to allow a personalised reclining position. A ratchet mechanism allows the user to comfortably slide the seat forward while the back rest moves in harmony with the body, meaning the lumbar region is fully supported at all times. The three-position handle can then be utilised to select a comfortable footrest angle.

A four-sided frame gives our handle products additional strength and durability, and adjustable wingnuts allow for the ideal tension to be reached for individual users.

The handle itself is branded and is available in a wood or chrome finish, for further personalisation.

Our brand new Originals Collection offers the very latest in La-Z-Boy design and technology. Look for one of our Furniture Galleries on our stockist locator to find out where you can view and try the range.

Originals products offer a range of benefits, including:
Handle recline, power recline or static options, plus rocker recliners
Choice of 70 luxury fabrics or 56 100% leather colourways in four grades
Edge-to-edge micro pocket springs on seat cushions for a more supportive sit
In-store branded La-Z-Boy galleries

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