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Hjort Knudsen

Hjort Knudsen is a Danish family-owned furniture manufacturer founded in 1973 with a focus on innovation and good craftsmanship.

We design, manufacture and sell to our retail customers in more than 11 countries in Europe. The company is known in the furniture industry as a very innovative company. Hjort Knudsen is the developer and owner of several patented techniques that improve the user's comfort in the furniture. In addition, Hjort Knudsen creates many designs – from the good classic sofa and chair to upholstered furniture in a modern style.

Hjort Knudsen is a B2B company and exclusively sells its furniture via recognized furniture stores.

Contact: Lee
Email: leearmstrong.hk@gmail.com
Phone: 01424 756675
Website: hjortknudsen.com

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