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Furniture Sales Solutions have a track record of delivering a minimum 10% increase in sales and profits to Sofology, Caseys, EZ-Living, Arighi Bianchi, Gillies, and many more. We provide fun, effective and engaging sales training programs backed by over 42 years in Furniture Sales and Management. Our guarantee of 1 extra sale, per salesperson, every week could make a huge difference to your furnishings business. For example, for a 10-person sales team with an average order value of £1,500 this could add £705,000 annually. We achieve this through our multi-award winning ‘7 Habits’ training program, which combines immersive training, 1-to-1 in-store follow-up, strategic consultancy sessions, and our brand new online sales training platform.

Contact: Ruben Hankinson
Email: ruben@furnituresalessolutions.com
Phone: 07817162359
Website: www.moresalesguarantee.com

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